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Cheap Coffee of the Week — YUBAN ORIGINAL

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This week’s installment of CCOTW is brought to you by Safeway grocery stores, who marked Yuban Original coffee in 12 oz. cans to $1.99. That’s less than a single Starbucks Latte!

I’m making my coffee with a kettle and Melitta cone filter. No drip coffee maker I’ve found can get the water temperature to that golden 185-190 degree range with consistency, and I can make one cup much more easily with a cone filter. So, the Yuban experiment starts off on the right foot with Optimum Brewing Technology.

When made to normal strength, it reminds me of Farmer Brothers coffee, served at any one of an infinite number of diners etched into my memories. Drunk normal strength, I expect to see a formica counter in front of me, hear the telltale squeak of leatherette seats and a see a glass-doored refrigerator full of half-served pies.

When served double strength, it’s a relatively smooth jolt to get me out the door. It’s not overly bitter like some other cheap coffees heavier on Robusta beans. Toss a pinch of salt into the grounds and served Navy Style, it’s a Good Cup Of Joe.

In an odd juxtaposition of political correctness, Yuban is owned by the Altria Group, formerly Philip Morris – but the label is at least 30% certified fair trade. That does mean the other 70% are uncertified beans, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Three Stars. Poindexter sez check it out


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  2. Yuban is what I always buy for home and I like it a lot for the price.

    Comment by phototristan — December 3, 2009 @ 11:58 am
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