Facebook launches Workplace


Facebook launches Workplace, a version of Facebook aimed at businesses, nonprofits and other organizations. The platform is ad-free and not connected to users’ existing Facebook accounts. Instead, businesses sign up as an organization and pay a monthly fee based on the number of users and type of organization.



Workplace features group chats, video calls, live video and a news feed, much like the regular Facebook.

Workplace was called Facebook at Work and has been in a private pilot program for 18 months. The tool is based on an internal service that the company’s own employees have used.

Pricing is competitive; Workplace will cost $3 US per user per month for under 1000 users, $2 US for 1001-10000 users , and $1 US for more than 10,000 monthly users. There’s no word of an unlimited site version yet.

Slack, a similar messaging and collaboration platform costs $6.67 per user per month for a standard version; an enterprise version is still in the works.

More information is available at https://workplace.fb.com/.

Satire begets reality, I suppose. The Onion had an article about a company shutting down their internal mail system and using Facebook, since people were on it all day anyway.



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