Casio LV-10 Camera Review


This is a really fun little camera I picked up at Albertson’s on closeout for $19.99. I like my Canon Powershot S100, but it’s a little slow to shoot – you need to wait a few seconds for the camera to power up, extend the lens, read the CF card, and then it’s ready. Press the shutter and there’s a significant lag while the camera focuses.



It’s bigger than the Sipix Blink, but I’ve lost dozens of pictures the few times the Blink camera crashed. The memory is volatile, so remove the battery and the pictures are gone. With the Casio, the pictures remain when the batteries are removed.

The LV-10 is a true point-and-shoot. As soon as you turn it on, it’s ready. As soon as you press the shutter, it’s got the shot. There’s no lag while it writes to the card, and the camera makes a pretty decent webcam, too! It runs for close to 2 hours on 2 AA batteries, and it loves rechargeables. It’s a must for any bookbag, backpack, or cargo pocket.

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Image Sensor 350k pixel, CMOS Sensor
Display Optical Viewfinder
High 640 x 480
Low 320 x 240
Memory Storage 4MB Internal flash memory up to 120 images
Removable Compact Flash card (not included)
Interface USB
Flash Auto/Off
Self-Timer 10 seconds
Exposure Auto
White Balance Auto
Focus Range 25″ to infinity (focus free)
Lens Focal Length 6.2mm (equivalent to 42mm on 35mm camera)
Video Frame Rate 30 fps (320x 640)
15 fps (640 x 480)
Dimensions 5″ x 2.5″ x 3.0″ (L x W x H)
Weight 10 oz. (without batteries)
System Requirements:
IBM PC or compatible with a Pentium 75 MHz processor or higher
Microsoft Windows 98/Me
Super VGA card and color monitor
CD-ROM drive
32 MB RAM (64 MB Recommended)
Available USB port
200 MB available hard disk space for software installation

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