The Latest Google Phishing Scam

Here is a great summary of the latest Google phishing scam. In a nutshell,

 You get an email from a friend asking you to look at a Google Doc. When you click yes, Google Docs asks for permission to your account, including the permission to see and manage your email, as well as your contact lists. So far, you’re fine, but the second you click that button, your account will send out messages to all of your contacts with a link similar to the one you got in an attempt to spread itself further. Then it disappears. It even deletes itself from your account, having squirreled away plenty of your data no doubt.

Google Play Music

I’ve got music everywhere — on my laptop and desktop at home, a subset of that music on a work laptop to sync with my iPhone, music on a USB stick in my car and music on an SD card in my Android phone. One of my biggest pet peeves with my iPhone has been the lack of expandability – I always feel like I’m running against a limit with a 16GB model.

Keeping music metadata in sync is a pain, too — trying to keep genres, albums and artists in sync, and adding new music everywhere is troublesome.

I’m thinking about picking up a Chromebook and have been playing with the Google app suite. I started using Google Play Music – they’ll let me store 50,000 songs, the bandwidth required is pretty minimal, and most importantly, I can organize my music in one place and listen to it at home, at work, in my car or on my phone — and free up 5 gigabytes on my phone I can use for Google apps and podcasts.