Cheap Coffee of the Week — MR. COFFEE DARK ROAST

I didn’t know Mr. Coffee sold coffee! This was on closeout at Walgreens, and brewed be a surprisingly nice cuppa. Medium to dark body, not overly bitter, and a nice punch to it – I made one cup to get me awake at oh-dark-hundred and made another cup in my travel mug for the road.

If you hurry, Walgreens still might have some left.

What: Mr. Coffee Dark Roast
Where: Walgreens
$$$: $3.99/10 oz.
Rating: 2 cans.


When it comes to cheap coffee, Dunkin Donuts is the proverbial 800-pound gorilla in the room. They’re making a play for America’s coffee pot and want to be a competitor to Starbucks in made-to-go coffee.

At $6.00 for a 12 oz bag at my local Target store, however, DD enters the cheap coffee realm. While they can’t compete with Starbucks and Peets’ grocery store offerings, DD is the Best Cheap Coffee Ever. By comparison with canned coffees, it’s much smoother, more sophisticated, and a wonderful morning blend. Not much of a hint of Robusta beans in the mix.

Even using a Melitta cone filter, boiling hot water, and making single cups (the best way to extract the most of your coffee’s flavor and minimize waste, IMO) I went through this bag in a little over a week and a half.

My rating? Four cups.

Cheap Coffee of the Week — FOLGERS CLASSIC ROAST


Folgers was on sale for $4.99/10.5 ounce can at Safeway. It’s nowhere near as smooth as Yuban Original, but rich with nuances of formica counters, leatherette and chrome stools, heavy diner mugs, pies in refrigerated cases and waitresses named Vera.

The can went surprisingly fast. I’d buy another can, but I’m playing the coffee field and don’t want to limit myself to one cheap coffee.