Tableau, LOMO LC-A+. Expired Fuji Superial Reala 100 film.

This roll of film sat in my freezer for several years before being shot in my LOMO LC-A+ last year, then it sat in the bottom of my 6 Million Dollar bag for a few more months after that. As a result, I have NO CLUE as to where I shot this. Anyone recognize the place?

On Lomography

I’ve known Sarah Zucker for some time through her photography online. her essay, On Lomography echoes many of the sentiments regarding “Lomography” that I’ve been feeling.

Other “Lomographers” inspired me to begin capturing intimate and mundane moments in my life on film. I shared my photos on and, two online bulletin boards, and shared visions with other lomographers. We started an occasional tradition of “LOMOCrawls”, photo get-togethers open to anyone with a creative eye and any sort of camera.

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