My Business is Mind-Melting

This is from an email list I’m on, and I realized I knew each acronym – and it made sense!

Can a SDI/DCH (ntak02ba) card be used as a programable d channel for a DTI card?
If not what is the actual purpose of the SDI/DCH card?

I need to be able to set the IFC type on the d channel to ISGF as necessary
to interface with cisco and have QSIG work.  On systems with the DTI T1 card 
the d channel daughterboard is not capable of being set to that type.  
(receive some sch error message that says isgf can only be set for card type 
msdl..or something close to that)

These systems are all pre 24.x so a TMDI card is not an option.

Even though Nortel doesn't support the msdl card anymore, could the msdl 
card be used in conjuction with DTI to get at PRI that works with QSIG?

Thinking outside the box

On the Pigdog list (“Bad Craziness at Impossible Speeds”) We’re talking about having Arnold save the country via a congressional amendment to allow foreign-born citizens to run for president.

> The much more straightforward way is to simply declare war
> against Austria, annex it, and then it's part of the U.S.

Nah, Austria's in the EU. That would make the US would a
member state just as subject to oversight from Brussels as
any other EU country.

Wait a minute.. it's brilliant! Who cares what fools we elect
then -- we'd all be Europeans. Socialized medicine! A real
currency again!

Generous unemployment benefits! Snooty French rules about cheese!

I think I'm in love with this idea.

Invade Austria -- join the EU now!