T-Mobile U.S.A. GPRS/EDGE, ISDN, and WAP settings

Want to configure your Smart Phone, tablet or telephone to use the T-Mobile data network? This is a simple collection of settings for use with the T-Mobile (formerly VoiceStream) U.S.A. network I’ve collected over the years. I have used these settings to configure my own GSM mobile phones, PDAs and laptops. They may or may not be accurate at a given time and are compiled here in the hope that others may find them useful.

I have no affiliation with T-Mobile other than being a customer for several years.

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The Art of No

The Art of No

…what nobody ever teaches us is perhaps the most important thing you can learn to be a successful working designer: How to not say “no.” If I could give one piece of advice to the designer just getting into client work, or even some who’s been doing this for a while, it’s this: The next time you want to say “no” to a client, boss, or colleague, say this instead: “Why?”