Dec - 23rd


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Jun - 10th


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Jun - 7th

Black Light Wig

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May - 22nd

Rusty Gate, Napa County

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Taken on a road trip, later on I couldn’t remember exactly where I shot this!

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Mar - 11th

Bulletin board – Point Reyes, CA

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Jan - 5th

I don’t know…

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Ever take a picture, leave it on your media card for a few months, then have no idea what it was you took a picture of?

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Oct - 7th

Left Lane

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I’m still not sold on the Lensbaby – I like it, but I can get the same effect out of a Jazz Jelly camera or any other plastic camera. Or, I could shoot with a digital Stylecam Blink and not have to scan! I can shoot 10 megapixel raw images with my DSLR, though.

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Oct - 2nd

First lensbaby shot

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I received my Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim in the mail the same day I took my Lensbaby out for a spin at lunch. The irony of paying for a lens to put on a digital camera to mimic a $5 plastic film camera is not lost on me.

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