Sep - 14th

Toy camera effects with digital SLRs

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I love lo-fi photography. Shooting lo-fi removes any obsession with capturing the “perfect” image. With lo-fi photography, I focus more on composition, creativity and experimentation than when I shoot with a “real” camera. Vignetting, soft edge focus, light aberrations, limited exposure latitude, color casts, even light leaks – the imperfections add a level of personality […]

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Sep - 1st

Mimicking film with digital tricks

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Pssst! I’ve got a secret! Most decent imaging programs have the capability of automating actions. With the right actions applied to a photo, you can easily mimic some of the quirky qualities of your favorite film camera on multiple photos and bundle the actions to share with others. To Wit, the Holganizer. With it, you […]

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