Mar - 25th

Sidewalk Closed

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Jul - 11th

Meters, Hanapepe HI

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I was in Kaua’i last week, spent most of my time lounging at the pool and the beach, but took some day trips (short trips, given the size of the island!) Hanapepe is a funky little artists community on the southwest side of the island with old buildings, artists galleries, a laid-back bohemian feel, and […]

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Jun - 20th

Monochrome Stop

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This was the combination of a dreary overcast day, a weathered sign, and no de-saturation. All colors (or lack thereof) is as captured.

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Jun - 15th


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Jun - 2nd

Marks The Spot

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Jun - 1st

Safety glass

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May - 29th


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Blackberry Tour 9630, somewhere in SOMA/San Francisco.

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May - 20th


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Discovery Museum, Blackberry Tour 9600, and a crazy random happenstance.

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Apr - 13th

Keychain Light

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I’m playing with a Blackberry Tour on Sprint’s network. The network is fast, the camera an improvement over my Curve 8900, and it has image stabilization! This was taken from 6 inches away in a moving car, after several cups of coffee!

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Mar - 31st


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Mar - 16th

Warehouse, SOMA

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Feb - 18th


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I love being able to carry a single device that plays music, takes still and video pictures, and is small enough to carry with me all the time.

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Feb - 15th


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Here is another random shot I wouldn’t have caught if I hadn’t had a camera phone with me.

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Dec - 5th


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