Meters, Hanapepe HI

I was in Kaua’i last week, spent most of my time lounging at the pool and the beach, but took some day trips (short trips, given the size of the island!)

Hanapepe is a funky little artists community on the southwest side of the island with old buildings, artists galleries, a laid-back bohemian feel, and some of the best coffee and sweets on the island, at Blue Planet Cafe.

I brought my LOMO LC-A+ and shot 3 rolls of film. I’m thinking about switching back to my old 1990 LC-A, though. I like having framelines and focus indicators in the viewfinder, and I wanted to shoot with my color flash. The LC-A doesn’t have a setting to force the aperture/shutter speed, so I wasn’t sure how the pictures would turn out. I would have liked to get some shots of “colorsplashed” palm trees at night.

I took most of my shots with my Blackberry Tour 9630 – with a resolution of 3 megapixels, image stabilization, and an adequate flash, I barely took my digital point-and-shoot out of the case!


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