Cinque Terre, Italy

There’s an old photographer’s saying – “Don’t shoot postcards.” Don’t take time to shoot a traditional tourist photo that you could buy for a dollar/euro. Save your time for the experience.
Some rules need to be broken, sometimes.


Update on Eye-Fi Bricking their older cards



I received this in my email tonight:

UPDATE: Information Regarding “End of Life” (EOL) of X2 and Prior Generation Products

We have started work on a new desktop software utility designed to enable impacted cards to continue operating beyond the previously announced EOL date of September 15, 2016.  The new software is called the “Eye-Fi X2 Utility” (X2U) and will be provided free of charge as a download.

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Bye Bye, Eye-Fi

Eye-Fi has decided to discontinue the services that support their older X1 and X2 cards, which is a shame – they’re capable workhorse cards that can transfer photos directly to a smart phone using a private WiFi network or use their Eye-Fi Center to transfer photos to online services or your computer.

According to Eye-Fi, some features like direct mode may still work, but anything using their online service won’t work — if you haven’t created an account by September 16th 2016, you’re out of luck.

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