Weird networking knockoff

networking July 3rd, 2006

This is one of the strangest knock-offs I’ve seen; they’ve totally borrowed the Linksys case design, but use a one-antenna board:



I’m pretty sure that even the B Linksys routers had two antennae.

In another project, I have my FON router operational. It’s in a DMZ and allows access to other FON users for free. Check out the web page, it’s a great idea.

The FON router is a WRT54GL, apparently it’s a Linux version of the WRT54G series. Older G series routers ran Linux, newer ones run VXworks. Mine is the router equivalent of putting “Classic” at the name of anything. :)

I’m going to hook one up as the FON point, another as a router to handle PPTP services, featureful firewalling, and act as a border host.

Having a router running embedded Linux changes the way I think of appliance routers. Instead of a box with limited functionality, a finite development path and obscure featureset, linux routers are functional, expandable, can be extended beyond the manufacturer’s end-of-life, and are easy to understand if you know Linux.

The Netopia R- and 3500-series routers and SMC barricades I’ve loved over the years seem crippled by comparison.

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