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Nic Nichol’s blog: Four Corners Dark: Holga, Lomo, and low-fi photography.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I’m reading my own mind. He’s loving the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera (my own reviews forthcoming), ranting on the ranters who claim you can duplicate low-fi with photoshop, so why bother with plastic, and the lucky bugger has gotten his hands on a BlackBird, Fly 35mm TLR. He even posted an article on Miroslav Tichy when news of his work made the rounds.

Poindexter sez: Check it Out.

Lomographic Society at Photokina 2008

“The Lomography ‘Future is Analogue’ LomoWall exhibition is revealed at Photokina 2008!”

It’s the 5th time Lomography has been invited to participate in the world’s largest photo-imaging event, so we are going all out in celebration of the unique creative use of film coming from one million+ Lomographers worldwide! The LomoWall forms the focal-piece of our “Future is Analogue” exploration and bursts with over 100,000 amazing film images.

The fantastic LomoWall takes centre-stage in the immtense Lomography Lounge – which will play host to a huge array of analogue talks, events and parties over the next 5 days!


Jazz Jelly camera, revisited

My fixation with LOMO LC-As and film photography began in 2000. About that time, I started collecting toy film cameras. I like the aesthetic, I like the disconnect from technical frippery that a plastic lensed, single aperture, single shutter speed gives. I like vignetting. I like chromatic aberration. I like soft focus.

One of the cameras I loved was the Jazz Jelly. It looks like a $5 Olympus Stylus, with its dove bar shape, built-in flash and sliding lens cover. The 28mm lens is simply designed – if it has more than 2 elements I would be shocked. It’s light, and it’s disarming. People don’t concern themselves with someone taking their picture with a see-through purple, red, or green camera.

The Jelly has a panorama setting. It crops the top and bottom of the photo, and some film processors can crop that onto a wide print. I think back in the APS days this was more common, but most places will probably print on 4×3 paper and print the borders, like a letterbox DVD.

Since the Lomographic Society has brought the Diana back from the dead and renewed interest in the Holga, I’ve rediscovered toy cameras. 35mm toy cameras are getting hard to find! Cameras like these used to be available at Wal-MART, drug stores, convenience stores and even office supply stores. Cheap film cameras have all but gone from retail, and I’m afraid they were so cheap that they may have all ended up in landfill.

I’ve combed the junk shops hoping to find that Diana in mint condition, but alas, have never been that lucky.

I found a Jelly on Amazon for a reasonable price ($7.99 with a battery and 200 speed film!) and will throw it in my bag, see what I can do with it.

Crank up the contrast in PS and it looks a little LOMO-like!

Linked networks

Ok, so I post to WordPress. WordPress posts an update to Twitter via Twitter tools and to Livejournal. LJ gets the whole post with comments redirected to WordPress. Twitter posts a shortened URL to the blog post. Twitter gets slurped once a day into LoudTwitter, which also posts to LJ. And, Facebook also gets updated by Twitter. Which redirects people to WordPress. I couldn’t get Wordbook to work, but since Twitter already updates Facebook via Loudtwitter, I figure I have it covered.

My head is spinning.


Another Pencam SD shot at Urban Ore in Berkeley, CA.



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