Jan - 14th


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I’d wanted one of these for a while. I’m rediscovering film photography and wanted to shoot with a diopter adjustment on the viewfinder, so I could shoot without glasses. I thought it would be interesting to have the clear view be through the viewfinder and the view outside the camera be fuzzy. I bought this […]

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May - 2nd

One Hour Photo

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There’s a critically endangered species in the world of photography businesses: the one-hour photo shop. With the decline of film developing and photo printing, the one-hour photo niche has become the single fastest-dying business in the United States. How bad is it? There are only 190 of the shops still open in the whole country. […]

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Jul - 18th

Still Life Chair

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Jul - 17th

“BoB” and Connie

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Jul - 10th

First Frame

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  I used to be in the habit of shooting 3 frames into the palm of my hand when loading film. A while ago I started shooting as soon as the film was loaded to see what would turn out. This was one of those weird leader shots before the film took.

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Jun - 17th


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