Cheap Coffee of the Week, On the Road — McDONALDS

McDonalds? Good Coffee?

McDonalds has been on a campaign to take some of Starbucks’ coffee business. They’ve changed their coffee suppliers and now offer espresso drinks in 70 percent of their restaurants. That’s a LOT of restaurants, and it’s got Starbucks looking in their rear view mirror.

I thought I’d try a plain old cuppa joe for review first before moving on to their espresso drinks.

The local McDonalds drive-through was empty. I was in and out in 30 seconds.

The coffee came nicely hot. I was pleasantly surprised at the first sip – their coffee has much more body than the usual watery fast-food blends. I got hints of maple, a slight tang, and a medium-bodied bite – slightly roasted.

I’ve got a McDonalds on the way to the freeway. In the morning, I think I’ll skip the Starbucks, their expensive coffee, the lines and the baristas.

What: McDonalds Coffee
Where: McDonalds restaurants
$$$: $1.49/16 oz.
Rating: 3 cans.

2 thoughts on “Cheap Coffee of the Week, On the Road — McDONALDS

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  2. When I’m on “Driveabout” which is often, I know if I find a McDonalds I can get a decent cup of coffee. As I’m equally addicted to coffee and what would be considered beyond rural America, this works for me. Nothing earth shattering here just noticed your blog and had to say “Me Too.”


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