More comparisons – Samsung versus Apple

iphone_to_android May 31st, 2016

I’ve given up my iPhone for good and am using a Samsung Galaxy phone. Since I’ve stopped switching between platforms I’m sold on Android as a platform. Here’s why…

  • Samsung/Qualcomm’s Quick Charge feature rocks – I can go to a full charge in a fraction of the time it takes my iPhone to charge.
  • Microsoft Outlook for Android solves the issue with VIP senders and notifications and learns which emails are important with the “Focused Inbox” feature. I can limit lock-screen notifications to just those focused emails and not the rest.
  • Expandable memory is a must for me; I’m using my phone to act as a image imtermediary for my wi-fi enabled camera — I pull all content from my EyeFi cards to my phone, where I can share/edit them on the road, then sync with cloud services when I’m at home. I just bought a PNY 128 GB MicroSD card for about the price of an iPhone case.
  • Parts are available – if I need a new battery, SIM card holder, phone back, or display I can get what I need online. While repairing an iPhone is possible, it’s much more difficult.
  • Copying files via a file system just feels better than using iTunes to get information onto my phone.

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