Nonda Smart Car Charger

I received a nonda 30W Quick Charge 2.0 Smart Car Charger today. It’s an interesting concept; in a small form-factor Quick Charge 2.0 compatible car charger, it includes a battery monitor and Bluetooth car locator. Apparently it’s tracking your car’s location and when you stop, puts a marker down that you can use to trace a path back to your car.

Installation is easy – download an app, create an account, let the app look for the charger, let them sync and you’re done. All you need to do at this point is log all of your location data with another company who can track all of your car trips including location, mileage, speed (based on GPS data) and time. How could that be any problem?

Android Update

This is a series of blog posts documenting my switch from iPhone to Android. To read the whole exciting saga, click here.

I’ve removed iTunes from my computer and not looked back since. I rooted the phone and replaced Samsung’s ROM with an updated ROM from Cyanogenmod, and was running Android Marshmallow on my 5-year old phone. Cyanogenmod changed their business model, and LineageOS¬†took over development of full Android device ROMs. The change was seamless to me — I stayed on Cyanogen’s ROMs for a couple of weeks and updated to LineageOS without any issues.



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