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Beams. SOMA, San Francisco.

With all of the construction around the new Transbay Terminal in San Francisco, the area where I work is turning into a virtual goldmine of construction stuff.


Geisha (2)

Trying again, without the toy camera effects. iPhone 4, Camera+.

Concrete and Pipe, Zeno Place

concrete and pipe, SOMA San Francisco

Concrete and Pipe. Taken with an iPhone.

Another shot of Zeno Place in SOMA, San Francisco. I love the color, the textures, the patina, and the way the light hits the alley in the morning and late afternoons. I’m sure the building (and my favorite subject) will be gone someday soon.





Pack of Cones

Picture of a pack of traffic cones

Pack of Cones. iPhone, Camera+

For Whom

For Whom -- iPhone image

Neighbour of the Beast

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