Mar - 20th

Shoehorning a digicam into a Leica M

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Leica has gone nouveau-retro with the digital Leica M series. Other companies, like Vivitar, have come out with digital cameras featuring current tech, but designs reminiscent of retro rangefinder cameras. This retro camera beats them all. The maker shoehorned a Sony DSC-WX1 digital camera into a Leica (or, more accurately, what appears to be a […]

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Apr - 22nd

LOMO at night

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Dec - 5th

Buddha Machine

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My Buddha Machine arrived yesterday. I opened the shipping container to find a box roughly the size of a deck of playing cards. The outside is festooned with the FM3 logo and chinese lettering. The box opens to reveal a retro-looking plastic slab resembling a 1970’s transistor radio. It’s the brainchild of FM3 (aka Christiaan […]

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Nov - 11th

SwitchProxy update – google posterity post

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I swear by SwitchProxy for Firefox. I use proxies to test our work environment and route web traffic through a SSH tunnel when I’m on an untrusted wireless network. Unfortunately, SwitchProxy hasn’t been updated for some time – it doesn’t work on newer versions of Firefox. I read this post which talked about tweaking .xpi […]

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Sep - 22nd

Linked networks

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Ok, so I post to WordPress. WordPress posts an update to Twitter via Twitter tools and to Livejournal. LJ gets the whole post with comments redirected to WordPress. Twitter posts a shortened URL to the blog post. Twitter gets slurped once a day into LoudTwitter, which also posts to LJ. And, Facebook also gets updated […]

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