Vivitar IC100 Camera review



The Vivitar IC100 is yet another in a long line of similar plastic cameras – all have a simple diaphragm, fixed focus and fixed shutter speed.  There’s something I like about this one, though – the lens vignettes like a LOMO, it’s got a comfortable feel in hand, and it’s got a hot-shoe connector for a flash.





Type 35mm Manual Outdoor Camera
Lens 24mm f/11 single lens
Focusing Focus free (1m - infinity)
Shutter Mechanical, fixed - 1.85 second
Film Transport Manual, thumb wheel system
Film Format Standard - 24mm x 36mm
Flash Hot Shoe (optional)
Shutter Lock When lens cover is closed
Power Source No need
Dimension 114 x 69 x 35mm

Weight  104g without film

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