Stocking up on film

film October 7th, 2008

Sorting through my bookmarks, I found a film vendor online selling Lucky GBR 100 film for $2.00/36 exposures. This is my favorite film for LOMO shooting, as it’s sometimes as unpredictable as the LOMO is. Our joke on the lamented BBS was that Quality was not Job One at the Lucky factory – one roll would have a red cast, another a yellow cast, and another one would be spot-on.

Then, I won an auction for 12 rolls of Fuji Superia 400, my favorite non-LOMO film. Skintones are a little harsh, but colors are vivid otherwise. Time to make room in my freezer!

I went thrifting this weekend and found a $2.00 camera for $2.00 and an $80.00 camera for $2.00:

The Olympus Stylus Epic (Aka Mju-Mju II in some countries) was one of my favorite cameras during my film phase in 2000-2004 – I had the champagne edition. A fast, sharp 35mm f/2.8 lens, great fill flash, and color correction indoors with flash made this camera a replacement for an SLR wide angle lens. And, if it was good enough for Helmut Newton, who am I to complain?

I bought 2 CR123 batteries (they’ve gone up in price since shooting film – $14.99 for 2!) and some Kodak Hi Definition 400 ($7.99/3 rolls) film and will go shoot with it this afternoon.

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  1. Joe Reifer Says:

    The Stylus Epic was my go everywhere camera in the 90’s. For 2 bucks, that’s a score!

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  3. Cover - Kurt Weiske Says:

    […] Test with my new Olympus Stylus Epic. […]

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