My new plastic favorite, the Vivitar IC 100

art, film April 24th, 2009

The Vivitar IC 100 is rapidly turning into one of my favorite toy cameras. I broke from my usual “100 speed film only rule” and shot this roll on Fuji Superia 400. With the fixed 1/85th second shutter and f/5.6 aperture, I can use all the light sensitivity I can get!

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  1. paul mason Says:

    great site, great photos, inspiring! i found the exact infomation i was searching for

  2. Hunter Says:

    I know this is a bit of a late comment, but my research into the PN2011 has led me to believe that the fixed shutter clocks in at around 1/250th of a second, which would make more sense for a camera that you’d assume would be shooting 100 speed film on a sunny day than 1/85th.

  3. Kurt Weiske Says:

    I’d love to test this out some time. I’m guessing the shutter speed, based on the capabilities of plastic, spring-loaded shutters. Seems they all do about 1/100th second, give or take about half. Next time I take a “real” camera in for a CLA I’ll ask my guy to check it on his bench.

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