With all of the cheap coffees in my pantry,  it’s high praise for a brand when I go buy the brand twice. There have been a couple of repeat buys over the past few months, most notably Yuban Original.

Market Pantry coffee will NOT be a repeat buy. Watery, weak, slightly bitter –  everything cheap coffee is known for. Brewing it Navy style, by adding a pinch of salt to the grounds while steeping improved the result – especially when served piping hot. Do not let it linger.

If you’re at Target, go for Archer Farms coffee in the foil bags. I’ve reviewed them before, and am on my second bag now.

What: Market Pantry Coffee
Where: Target Stores
$$$: $3.99/10 oz. can
Rating: 1 can.

2 thoughts on “Cheap Coffee of the Week — MARKET PANTRY BREAKFAST BLEND

  1. Holy Freaking Jeebus! I totally agree with all my heart.
    I bought this JUNK because folgers doesn’t come in a tin can anymore and this is the only coffee that does in target stores!

  2. I live in Seattle nuf said there.

    Vivace coffee is the best.

    Safeway has good brands.

    Market Pantry coffee eh, but their sugar free natural peanut butter beats anyone for real and fresh roasted peanut flavor.

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