Apr - 10th


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Apr - 6th

Charge It

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Apr - 4th


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Apr - 1st

Complaining about the iPhone’s camera?

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Kyle Cassidy’s take on the iPhone’s camera, from his iPhonetography site: THE CAMERA THAT COMES WITH THE iPHONE IS TERRIBLE Many people decry it’s smallish megapixel count (3), but really, as any serious digital photographer will tell you, size doesn’t matter. The most frustrating thing about the image that comes from the iPhone is the […]

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Mar - 31st

Tilt Shift Trees

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Mar - 30th

Toy Trees

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Playing with Lo-Mob on my iPhone.

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Mar - 30th

Arch, Redux

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Yesterday’s post reminded me of an old LOMO photo I took in 2002.

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Mar - 29th

Arch, San Francisco

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Yes, I’ve gotten that iPhone “plastic cam app” fever that’s going around.

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Mar - 25th

Sidewalk Closed

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Oct - 13th

Wall 23

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Oct - 6th

The Day My Grandmother Exploded, by Kyle Cassidy

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[via Kyle Cassidy’s Livejournal ] Two weeks ago I got this crazy idea in my head to find a ten year old 1.3 megapixel Leica Digilux and make a series of images with it based on lines people sent me from novels. Well, it’s done. It’s a 24 page booklet called The Day My Grandmother […]

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Sep - 16th

Sunset over Fog

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The best camera is the one you bring with you ALWAYS. I took this shot on my camera phone, while driving to a dinner date. My DSLR and my trusty LOMO were sitting at home.

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Sep - 14th

Camerabag, More iPhone Camera Fun

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I had a lot of fun with Hipstamatic, the iPhone camera application that’s taking my Facebook friends list by storm. It does feel odd to buy a $1.99 app to turn my $199 cameraphone into a $2 plastic camera, but there <<are>> benefits to going digital – for less than the cost of a roll […]

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Aug - 18th

Eames SX-70 instructional video

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A precursor to today’s digital era, Polaroid’s iconic 1972 SX-70 Land Camera is notable not only for its achievements as the first folding and first SLR instant camera but also for its perfection in form, function, and beauty. The revolutionary camera ignited and defined the instant era, allowing a photographer to focus solely on capturing […]

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Jul - 22nd


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Jul - 11th

Meters, Hanapepe HI

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I was in Kaua’i last week, spent most of my time lounging at the pool and the beach, but took some day trips (short trips, given the size of the island!) Hanapepe is a funky little artists community on the southwest side of the island with old buildings, artists galleries, a laid-back bohemian feel, and […]

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Jun - 20th

Monochrome Stop

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This was the combination of a dreary overcast day, a weathered sign, and no de-saturation. All colors (or lack thereof) is as captured.

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Jun - 17th

I want to be a photographer someday. Any advice?

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Originally posted by kylecassidy: A Reader Writes: I want to be a photographer someday. Any advice? Yes, lots. Photography is a mixture of Artistic Ability and Technical Skill — the magic of the mix isn’t written in stone. The world is filled with technically proficient but artistically uninspired photographers, there seem to be a smaller […]

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Jun - 16th

Lost advertising of the sealed-off London Underground

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c1959 posters as found in disused area of Notting Hill Gate tube station, London, 2010 Work at the station has recently uncovered these amazing advertising posters in non-public areas and that date from c1956 – 1959 when the station’s lifts were removed and replaced by escalators. These are in an old lift passageway. This shows […]

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Jun - 15th


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