Apr - 29th

Don’t think, just shoot

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This LOMO mantra’s been getting easier for me – since I’ve been growing my hair longer and spring breezes are here, I’m having a hard time looking through the viewfinder without my hair getting in the way of the lens or the viewfinder! I shot a roll of some generic $.99 cent store ISO 200 […]

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Apr - 26th

Plastic Camera Redux

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I found a roll of old photos from my TIME Camera and tried cleaning up some of the spots and lines from processing in Photoshop.

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Apr - 24th

My new plastic favorite, the Vivitar IC 100

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The Vivitar IC 100 is rapidly turning into one of my favorite toy cameras. I broke from my usual “100 speed film only rule” and shot this roll on Fuji Superia 400. With the fixed 1/85th second shutter and f/5.6 aperture, I can use all the light sensitivity I can get!

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Apr - 23rd


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This pic came off the first test roll from my Vivitar IC 100, a $1 plastic camera I picked up recently. It’s pretty standard looking. The insides could come from a LOMO Colorsplash or any number of unremarkable cameras. A simple lens, shutter speed and aperture fixed at 1/100th sec and f/5.6, and cheap enough […]

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Apr - 23rd

Mannequin on Piedmont Avenue

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Apr - 21st

Light Fixture

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Apr - 17th

Chopsticks @ 50mm, Oakland, CA

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Old print, new scanner. This was taken in Oakland’s chinatown back in 2002 or so. I love the shallow depth of field you get with a slow film, an old mechanical SLR and a 50mm Prime lens.

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Apr - 16th

Big Brother

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Apr - 16th


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Just so you know, it’s not all city shots and toy cameras around here.

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Apr - 7th

My fascination with the Olympus XA 2

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In order to understand my fascination with the LOMO LC-A, it helps to know about the camera that started me thinking differently about photography.

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Apr - 6th

Seven Eighty

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Apr - 5th

More Random LOMOs…

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…Gathered on recent walks through the Tenderknob, SOMA and parts elsewhere, San Francisco.  

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Apr - 3rd

Gettin’ artsy with my LOMO in low light

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I’m always amazed at the LOMO LC-A’s ability to capture vivid colors in low light. Every other camera I’ve tried has given me washed out colors when I extend the shutter speed out in low light. With my LOMO, I load up the slowest film I can find (Lucky 100 when I can find it, […]

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Mar - 31st

LOMO on the street

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Random LOMOs from my most recent roll of expired Lucky 100 film. Taken around South of Market, San Francisco. My 1991 LOMO is still going strong, after what I figure to be 100 rolls of film shot through it…  

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Mar - 30th


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Mar - 23rd

How to develop film using coffee and Vitamin C!

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http://photojojo.com/content/tutorials/coffee-caffenol-film-developing/ Survival scenario #117: You’re trapped in a grocery store. Zombies are closing in from all sides. You have a crucial photo that could end the carnage, if only you had some way to develop the film. What do you do? You grab some instant coffee and vitamin C, you develop the film, and you […]

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Mar - 19th

Walkabout, Part 76

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Mar - 15th

Chop Suey

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Mar - 11th

Bulletin board – Point Reyes, CA

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Mar - 7th

Cowboy wedding

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I took this back in 2002? I gave the negatives to the mother of the groom and never got around to asking to borrow them back.  My mother had a 4×6 which scanned nicely. LOMO LC-A, Fuji 100 film.

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