Jun - 5th

iPhonetography, a new Kyle Cassidy project

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http://www.iphonetography.net/ THE CAMERA THAT COMES WITH THE iPHONE IS TERRIBLE Many people decry it’s smallish megapixel count (3), but really, as any serious digital photographer will tell you, size doesn’t matter. The most frustrating thing about the image that comes from the iPhone is the noise. Not audible noise, but digital grain. That, and it’s […]

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Mar - 18th


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Recently, I’ve been shot most of my street candids portrait-style. I don’t know where this is coming from, maybe I should buy a square-frame medium format camera to cure myself of this? Or am I just looking for an excuse to buy a Holga, Diana or a Lubitel? Does anyone have a favorite, obscure medium […]

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May - 27th

Zeno Place in SOMA SF, again

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  Another shot of Zeno Place, an alley in San Francisco fighting against modernization and gentrification.

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May - 3rd

Krappy Kamera Gallery

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(I so missed this – that’s what I get for not subscribing to EVERY BLOG OUT THERE… Do check out the link to the 2008 winners…) Soho Photo Krappy Kamera® Competition In the upstairs gallery, the Krappy Kollage–all the entries (over 1,400) for 2007’s Krappy Kamera show. The beginning

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Apr - 26th

Plastic Camera Redux

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I found a roll of old photos from my TIME Camera and tried cleaning up some of the spots and lines from processing in Photoshop.

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Apr - 25th


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