Old Fiat 500

Fiat has re-introduced the 500, a model that helped Fiat pull itself out of the post-war years and enjoy some level of success, around the world and in America until the mid-1980s.  I love the original Fiat 500, and have run into this beautiful, mint-condition 500 around the corner from my office a couple of times.

My first car was an evolution of this, the Fiat 850 Spyder. Cloth top, wood steering wheel, power nothing, rear-mounted 903cc engine, 1600 pounds wet, 145×13 tires… once you got up to speed, it was great fun.


One thought on “Old Fiat 500

  1. I’ve only seen them in pictures, but ever since I saw the first picture I’ve looked for one for sale. Haven’t found one yet…not even on ebay:-) Love your captures.

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