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I started poking around the menus on my Elph 100 HS, and noticed that it’s got a “Toy Camera” mode – looks like it vignettes the shot. I’m torn – there’s a lot more flexibility with an iPhone and the dozens of applications available for it, but sometimes you can’t beat 12 megapixels, 3200 ISO, a decent flash and HD video. And a f/2.8 lens. And a shutter BUTTON.

June 11th Instawalk in San Francisco’s Chinatown

June 11th InstawalkSF

An Instawalk is an Instagram themed photo walk. Users are encouraged to shoot, process, and upload their photos as the walk is happening. If you haven’t done one yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a bizarre experience to be seeing what your fellow photographers are seeing as the walk is happening.

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Complaining about the iPhone’s camera?

Kyle Cassidy’s take on the iPhone’s camera, from his iPhonetography site:


Many people decry it’s smallish megapixel count (3), but really, as any serious digital photographer will tell you, size doesn’t matter. The most frustrating thing about the image that comes from the iPhone is the noise. Not audible noise, but digital grain. That, and it’s slow response time, and of course, the lack of control: apart from aiming the camera and depressing shutter button, the user doesn’t have any control over aperture (fixed at 2.8) focal length, shutter speed, or even ISO, which swings from ~70 into the 1000+ range as it wants. The 3Gs has a “press here to focus” option that does adjust the exposure, but seems to refocus as it sees fit afterwards, more taunt than feature.


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Nostalgia for the Now

(Here’s a great article by Peggy Nelson about nostalgia, memories, and how digital media allows us to interpret memories independently of what we capture on media…)

Photographs give us the ability to capture what we see, more or less. And apps give us the ability to capture what we wish. So what do we wish for? The seventies or a reasonable facsimile? More beautiful memories? A more beautiful everyday? …Nostalgia is a tricky thing.

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