Apr - 28th

Stages of a photographer

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[via Clusterflock ]

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Apr - 22nd


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Apr - 21st

Vee Two

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Apr - 20th


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Mar - 27th

Barbed Wire, Dogpatch

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photo credit: DaveFayram

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Mar - 24th


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 photo credit: Rich Anderson

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Mar - 20th

Act Like Ya Know

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Another WTF moment walking around San Francisco. Sutro Tower, Magnum, the Bay bridge and Abe Lincoln FTW!

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Feb - 24th

Cheap Coffee of the Week, On the Road — McDONALDS

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McDonalds? Good Coffee? McDonalds has been on a campaign to take some of Starbucks’ coffee business. They’ve changed their coffee suppliers and now offer espresso drinks in 70 percent of their restaurants. That’s a LOT of restaurants, and it’s got Starbucks looking in their rear view mirror. I thought I’d try a plain old cuppa […]

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Feb - 21st

Cheap Coffee of the Week, On the Road — 7-11

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Business and professional interests take me on the road often. Required for a lifestyle such as this is a luxurious ride and an extensive database of roadside coffee shops.

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Feb - 19th


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With all of the cheap coffees in my pantry,  it’s high praise for a brand when I go buy the brand twice. There have been a couple of repeat buys over the past few months, most notably Yuban Original. Market Pantry coffee will NOT be a repeat buy. Watery, weak, slightly bitter –  everything cheap […]

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Jan - 24th

On Lomography

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I’ve known Sarah Zucker for some time through her photography online. her essay, On Lomography echoes many of the sentiments regarding “Lomography” that I’ve been feeling. Other “Lomographers” inspired me to begin capturing intimate and mundane moments in my life on film. I shared my photos on lomo.org and lomo.us, two online bulletin boards, and […]

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Jan - 11th

Shiny 407

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Dec - 30th

Hipstamatic, make your iPhone plastic!

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Hipstamatic is an iPhone app that gives your photos a film/plastic camera feel. While there are many other holganizers and lomo-fiers available for iPhones, this is the first application I’ve fallen in love with. At $1.99, I couldn’t pass it up! From their press materials: Digital photography never looked so analog. The Hipstamatic for iPhone […]

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Dec - 20th

Weathered Aqua

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Dec - 5th


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Nov - 17th

My First Leica…

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“My First Leica!…” I’ve heard people raving about Leica glass for years, and I’ve wanted a Leica M series rangefinder for as long as I’ve been serious about photography. Leica quality comes at a premium price, though, and I could never justify the cost. Until now.

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Nov - 2nd

Cheap Coffee of the Week — ARCHER FARMS ITALIAN ROAST

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Decent coffee? AT TARGET? Cheap. $6.79/12 oz bag. Ground or whole bean. Italian, French, Columbian and Guatemalan blends. Surprisingly smooth, not the freshest beans in the bag, but buzzworthy. Worth a look. Target sometimes has small bags of coffee for $1 and online $1 off coupons. Doesn’t get much cheaper than FREE.

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Oct - 27th

What Every Aspiring Photographer Should Know

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Here’s a wonderful bit of advice for aspiring photographers from Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai at PhotoDino. What Every Aspiring Photographer Should Know These are my thoughts, nothing more and nothing less. I get asked all the time, during workshops, in e-mails, in private messages, what words of wisdom I would give to a new and aspiring […]

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Oct - 26th

Disjointed, two.

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Sep - 9th

Airplane Graveyard, courtesy of LiveJournal

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Livejournal user alexdoomer2009 took this wonderful series of photos as an abandoned military airplane scrapyard, somewhere in the Eastern Bloc. I loved his pictures so much I wanted to share them here. All pictures are the property of “Alex Doomer” His original Livejournal post: http://community.livejournal.com/abandonedplaces/1928500.html More of his photos: http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/alexdoomer007

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